5 Perks of Consuming Caffeine

Whether you’re just waking up, heading to the gym, or fighting a mid-day lull, caffeine is the go-to source for energy and concentration.  Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in over 60 different species of plants.  It temporarily blocks adenosine, a chemical in the body that promotes muscle fatigue and sleepiness.  It’s in our coffee and tea, energy drinks, energy supplements, and some foods (like chocolate).  In fact, it’s the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world. An incredible 90% of all Americans consume caffeine in some form every single day. Now that we have some background, let’s get into our “rewards” and “risks” of caffeine:



So is Caffeine a miracle drug? Hell no! It a tool that can be useful at times and abused at others. Moderate your usage, and always check your preworkouts before consuming to make sure you are not over the recommended amount. When used properly it can be an asset to any workout and provide some much needed mental clarity we all need sometimes. As with any drug there are obvious side effects and dependencies that can form so it is always good to practice moderation, as with anything else in life.  Let’s look at our risks:

It is important to note that the FDA states that a maximum of 400mg of caffeine or approximately 2-4cups of caffeine or less is considered an acceptable dose of caffeine. Consuming more than this may negatively impact our health. Without moderation you can see some of the following symptoms exacerbated.

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