No Time For Exercise? Here’s the Solution.

The Problem

“I just don’t have the time to exercise”

“I have no time to exercise, what do I do?”

There’s a long list of excuses we can make as to why we “can’t” workout. For many, time restriction earns a spot at the top of the list. Our busy schedules are resulting in consecutive days of inactivity, despite setting intentions to exercise. Inactivity is recognized as a serious problem as it significantly increases the risk of numerous diseases/disorders, including several forms of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, coronary and cerebrovascular diseases, overweight/obesity, and all-cause mortality, among others (according to PubMed).


So, have YOU ever planned to exercise but failed to follow through due to time restriction? Perhaps you had time but didn’t feel it was enough time to endure a meaningful workout. Hopefully we can offer some valuable input here.

Reflect on your day for a moment. Although you may be swamped with typical “stuff,” most of us can identify incremental periods of free time- and I’m talking no more than 10 minutes. Getting fit does not have to be synonymous with a long, hard and energy draining task. Instead, look at physical activity as something that can flow throughout your day in the times that we have available. Getting to the gym and exercising for an hour is not necessary to get on track with being fit and living a healthier, more fulfilling life (although it is encouraged!). And here’s a tip: if you find it difficult to pick out 10 minutes of free time, wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning than you normally would. Problem solved.


Utilize the smaller, incremental time slots available during your day for exercise. Additionally, if you can do this more than once a day, they’ll certainly add up. Exercise supplies the body with endorphins (or, feel-good hormones!) and the lowers the risk for all the nasty diseases/disorders listed earlier. So, stop using “not having the time” as an excuse and get moving!

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