Munk Pack Keto Granola Bar


Munk Pack Keto Granola Bar, 1g Sugar, 2g Net Carbs, Keto Snacks, Chewy & Grain Free, Plant Based, Gluten Free, Soy Free, No Sugar Added (Variety 6 Pack)



LOW SUGAR, LOW CARB*, GREAT TASTE: Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delicious Keto Granola Bars. With only 1g sugar and 2g net carbs, they have the same amazing texture and flavor of your favorite chewy granola bars, but without all the added sugar and carbs!

GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE BARS: Our Keto Granola Bar snacks combine a wholesome mix of nuts and seeds so you can enjoy the goodness of granola, without the grains! At only 140 calories, these bars are the perfect guilt-free snack to grab when you’re on the go or need a quick, no-prep nutritious breakfast.

YOUR FAVORITE KETO SNACKS: Whether you follow a keto diet or just want to watch your sugar and carb intake, these bars will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your health goals on track! Unlike many keto snacks that use sugar alcohols like erythritol or maltitol as sweeteners, we use allulose in our keto bars because it doesn’t have any aftertaste, it has virtually no impact on blood sugar and people report it to be easier on their digestive system.

LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: Containing only 1g sugar, our Keto Granola Bar snacks have minimal effects on blood sugar and insulin levels.`

6 PACK: The Variety Pack of Munk Pack Keto Granola Bar snacks come in a 6 pack so you can share with friends or keep them all to yourself. NOTE: Flavor selection may vary from what is shown.